Welcome to Coding wizards, Finland. Coding wizards works toward development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education among the young generation.
We have coding and Math after school courses for the school children in English. Coding Wizards introduces the concepts of programming without the need of learning the syntax of any language. Gradually the programming languages like Python, JavaScript are introduced.
Coding has become an essential skill for the future jobs. It is not only required in IT industry but in every business area. Learning to code at an early age not only develops logical thinking but also promote problem solving and collaboration skills.
Math needs a strong foundation and strong basics is the root of that foundation. We learn how to apply Math in real life and at the same time we practice the basics of Math in a fun way.


Summer camps- Scratch, Python, HTML, CS, Javascript

Programming and game development – Scratch, Python

Web development using HTML/CSS and basic JavaScript

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